Earth Harmonies promotes a conscious lifestyle and providing tools of healing and empowerment.
Earth Harmonies promueve un estilo de vida consciente y proporciona herramientas de sanación y empoderamiento.

Am I Healing My Past Time?

By Guadalupe Lizárraga

A Lemurian Quartz from the Himalayan Mountains arrived at me for some reason. These crystals are associated with healing of the past in this time or past lives, and it believed that they were planted by Lemurian people. I thought that it was a sign for my wilderness quest. I asked my Lemurian Quartz for help with my purpose: I like to know if I really was healing my past time.

I went for a walk the bay. Suddenly, I was surprised by a hummingbird in front of me. I greeted him with great joy and he flew to a dry branch. He came to me and flew to back to branch again. While I was taking my cell phone out my pocket to take a picture, the memory of my father came to me. Then I thought: He is my father! It is a love signal from him! I gave thanks to the universe for this message, I took a picture, and continued my walk.

The bay was peaceful and quiet. My heart vibrated with this peacefulness like my Lemurian quartz in my hand. I sat on the ground, without focusing on something specific just enjoying my surroundings, and I waited to receive the messages of nature. Love. This is the message the earth has for us. I could only think of it. And my mind was quiet.

When I went back home, I saw again the hummingbird on a big rose flower. Another hummingbird closed to him. The little birds touched their beaks passing each other the nectar of the flower, and just one flew away. The other one stayed on the flower.

I understood that my concern for the past time I should let go, and needed to focus on nurturing my present time in order to help others like now nature was teaching me through the hummingbirds.

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